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Tjebbo Kessler


Financial Management Specialist

Coach and sparring partner for (young) adults, managers and entrepreneurs

Tjebbo Kessler focuses on coaching based on his expertise in personal and corporate finance.

A lot of potential remains hidden; many dilemmas and polarisations are rather perceptions because of limited insight than there are insurmountable contradictions. By means of personal insight and personal development (a learning process), visions change, and concrete solutions become feasible that otherwise have no chance. This is a rewarding experience for all parties involved. That is why Tjebbo Kessler has increasingly focused his attention on personal and team coaching.

In business, a company's strategy needs to be embedded in a robust revenue model to be successful in the long term, not to go under.

Personal success and social status are the business equivalent for what people strive for (perhaps what individuals call "happiness"). But to continue functioning well in the longer term, there needs to be a balance in many areas ("being and staying satisfied").

Experience shows that improvement is possible in many cases; this is a complex matter in the personal field or in team interaction. Tjebbo looks with fresh and experienced eyes at the current situation and possibilities for improvement on the personal level, with your team and your organisation.

A complex combination of business, career-related and personal circumstances influence your performance. It is the goal to function optimally, in harmony with the environment and with much positive energy. Therefore, when necessary, Tjebbo places the personal circumstances and perception in the complex context of more technical (business) and personal-financial environment of the interlocutor. Particularly in the personal circumstances of entrepreneurs and their family environment, such an approach is a prerequisite for a good embedding of the coaching process.

In short: the situation is not good, the performance could be better, the stress is high. You do not feel well and your environment suffers. So you are looking for a strong vision and reliable approach to improve the situation.


For insight and personal development you will find an easy going, knowledgeable and creative coach in Tjebbo.


H. Tjebbo Kessler (1957)
After studies in Rotterdam and Amsterdam (Economics) and Italy (MBA at the Bocconi University of Milan) Tjebbo Kessler had a career at NIBC, the Dutch The Hague based investment bank (NIBC).
Since 1999, he specialises in corporate consultancy, personal finance & personal coaching